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The Seajoy™ story began in 1979, when a pioneering group of entrepreneurs began farming shrimp on Ecuador’s Gulf of Guayaquil. From its beginnings in Ecuador, Seajoy™ expanded its shrimp farming operations, first to Honduras in 1985 and later in 1997 to Nicaragua.

seajoy our company

TODAY, the Seajoy™ Group is one of Latin America’s largest producers of premium farmed shrimp. Our operations are completely vertically integrated
From hatcheries to processing plants
Giving us total control over all facets of shrimp production.
We have almost 4,500 hectares (11,120 acres) of shrimp farms, producing our Pacific white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei), which we sell to discriminating buyers throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.
Our customers trust us:
To deliver on time.
To deliver the quantities they ordered.
And to deliver the high-quality product they have come to depend on.

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seajoy our values


We are a company that grows, processes and sells premium quality shrimp, produced utilizing the highest quality and food safety standards that exceed the expectation of our clients because of our  continuous improvement policy, using the newest production technologies, at the same time promoting the human resource development and preserving our environment.


To have worldwide recognition because of our high quality standards, food safety, excellence in customer service and our commitment with the environment and local communities.


In Deli Honduras we have the commitment to keep our system under a continuous improvement program, that guarantees quality, food safety, legality and authenticity of all of our products, working under the best management processing conditions, legal requirements, international standards (BAP, BRC and ASC), overcoming our client expectations.

Why has Seajoy grown to such a size?
In a word,

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Seajoy's Pacific White Shrimp