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Environmental Responsibility

SEAJOY™ is an environmentally responsible company which considers the potential environmental impacts generated by the production and operation of the company. These considerations, as integral practices go beyond government regulations.

Our company believes in the benefits of being environmentally responsible, because it is not just a commitment to future generations, but also generates an intrinsic value and a competitive advantage. That is why at SEAJOY™ GROUP we have the vision to produce sustainable and in a friendly way with the environment. Therefore we have developed a series of environmental programs related to the protection, conservation, rehabilitation and reproduction of flora and fauna of our coastal marine ecosystems.

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    of the Enviroment

    It’s not easy being


    we know because we’ve been farming shrimp for over 30 years. It takes complete commitment and total control. The Seajoy Group has both. We’re a founding member of the Global Aquaculture Alliance, an organization that is committed to sustainable fish and shellfish farming. All our farms in Honduras, Nicaragua and Ecuador are
    “Best Aquaculture Practices”


    GAA Green

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