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Seajoy™  Shrimp Available: All Natural and Organic Products

Why is our shrimp so good? It all starts at our farms where we carefully raise and nurture our shrimp. After harvesting, we flash freeze them to lock in their fresh, delicious flavor — without the use of chemical additives or preservatives.

Sustainable Premium Pacific White Shrimp

There is more to Seajoy™ than superb tasting shrimp. We are committed to being good stewards of our pristine coastal environment. That's why all our farms, hatcheries and processing plants are Best Aquaculture Practices Certified by responsibleseafood.org. Our organic Pacific white shrimp are Certified to the European Unión Organic standard by QCS (Quality certification Services)... Your assurance that Seajoy™ shrimp have met the highest quality standards. We offer All Natural NON GMO Pacific white shrimp as well as our Certified Organic products.
Seajoy™ — Experience...Commitment.




Seajoy™ All Natural and Organic Shrimp available in resealable retail bags for the European and American markets. Seajoy™, Cjoy™, Bluefield™ and Seabrook™ bulk packs are well respected brands in the American, Asian and European markets. We also pack our all natural and organic shrimp for a growing number of well-known private label brands.