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Sea Turtle Conservation Project

Seajoy, developed the Sea Turtle Conservation Project with the aim to preserve the species of marine turtles that nest in the Pacific north of Nicaragua, Jiquilillo's community and The Salt mines, where our hatchery(SASA) works with instructors to involve the communities in the preservation of these species.
The project began in June 2007 and continues today. The principal objective is to preserve our sea turtle species, every year hundreds of nests are established, allowing us to release thousands of baby turtles (tortuguillos) back into the environment.


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Our principle objective is the preservation of the species.


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    we know because we’ve been farming shrimp for over 30 years. It takes complete commitment and total control. The Seajoy Group has both. We’re a founding member of the Global Aquaculture Alliance, an organization that is committed to sustainable fish and shellfish farming. All our farms in Honduras, Nicaragua and Ecuador are
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