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Non Ablation

  • Broodstock Selection
    The broodstock used at the maturation center comes from the Seajoy group farms, this is realized thru a demanding selection program, managed using the highest quality feed, animal welfare management and negative disease records.
    Broodstock Selection
  • Pre-maturation
    An important part and last phase for the broodstock preparation is the Pre-maturation area, the oceanic water and controls gives our animals the perfect conditions for its maturation, adding as well, more bio-security to the selection process.
    Pre maturation
  • Maturation
    • No Ablation
      Since 2014 the group started their non ablation nauplii production. At the present time 80% of our Nauplii and resulting exports comes from this type of management. By June of 2016 we will be 100%  non-ablated.
      no ablation
    • Areas
      Quarantine, Pre-maturation, Production Area, Spawning, and Hatching.
  • Positive attributes of non ablation
    1. Greater and more sustainable production at all phases.
    2. Higher female survivals.
    3. Greater number of eggs per spawn.
    4. Greater number of nauplii per spawn.
    5. The pond data is currently under research via a Doctoral project jointly with the GAA, Lyons seafood and Sterling University.